Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Field Guides to Caribbean Coral Reef Fishes


I wasn't happy with not knowing the proper names of some of the fish I was seeing. So, I went out and bought a couple of books to help me out. I bought:

This book is full of drawings of fish.

I also picked up this little diddy:
This book is really sweet. It uses photographs to help you identify fish.

Now, identifying fish and reef creatures has never been easier! So, I went back and edited my old posts so that the correct names are displayed. I feel that increased accuracy of fish identification will increase the quality of this here blog.


  1. Some great pictures on your site. The Reef Creatures is a great book and its companion Reef Fish Identification is equally good. My wife and I use both books to identify fish and creatures we see on our snorkeling trips here in Cayman.

    Scott Cummings

  2. Thanks man! I might have to pick up that fish identification companion book! Enjoy your snorkeling adventures!