Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snorkeling at the Wreck of Cali in George Town (Feb 21, 2010)

Got full day of snorkeling in today! Went to two different sites! The first site was in right in George Town, Grand Cayman. You wouldn't guess that there'd be a great snorkeling site so close to downtown but, there is!Pretty cool spot to enter the water from. There's a wreck underwater out there somewhere.I noticed this fuzzy chiton before entering the water. I guess some people eat these!?! You have to pry them off the rock using a knife.
Once in the water, I came upon this group of baby surgeon fish.The Wreck of Cali is a cool snorkel spot because there's a bunch of these tarpon swimming around. They're pretty big so that's exciting. Tarpons are a type of primitive silvery fish.
Here's part of the Wreck of Cali. Pretty cool that you can see a ship wreck while snorkeling.
Here we have a male blue parrotfish (the female has a yellow stripe on its less square head). There was a bunch of these guys here. They get to be a good size too.

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