Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scuba Diving in Cayman Brac (January, 2011)

Cayman Brac!

Decided to take a little weekend vacation over to the diver friendly island of Cayman Brac. We stayed at the reasonably priced Alexander Hotel. There was no diving at the hotel, but it was only a short ways to the hotels that did offer diving. I was surprised at how the island of Cayman Brac differed from Grand Cayman. For instance, it was much dryer there, so there were many cacti growing. It is a rugged island formed by cliffs of coral. See:These cliff ran along the whole island (approximately 11 miles) sometimes offering caves to explore. I also took pictures of a house I found interesting:I named this house "Orange House." The intrigue & attractiveness of the houses and caves in Cayman Brac quickly waned and I was glad that we were certified divers. I wouldn't recommend going there unless you are a diver because there's not much else to do. Fine by me!

The first dive we did there was a shore dive. It was a really cool place. A wreck dive. The wreck was called the Captain Keith Tibbetts and is an old Russian war ship purchased for the the purpose of sinking in order to attract divers.
The Ship was resting at about 70 ft deep and a 200 yard swim from shore. It was cool to explore.
The best wreck I've ever seen. Lots of places for fish to hide.

The following day. We did two boat dives.It was luxurious in that the dive masters helped us with our gear. One of our diver masters was certified lion fish culler, so, we witness some spear fishing (killing). I was dissapointed that they didn't eat the fish that they killed.
I was exited to get a picture of this white spotted filefish. This was a new species of fish for me! Kind of feels like a real life Pokemon. I've heard that there's about 28,000 species of fish. Got to catch them all!
This little turtle followed me for a while.
Here's a Queen trigger fish. I had never seen one this big before. That was a common theme while diving in Cayman Brac. A lot of the fish were the same as in Grand Cayman, only bigger. The coral and plant life seemed to be bigger as well.

It was a great trip!