Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snorkeling at Barker's Bay (Feb 17, 2010)

Went to Barkers Bay this time, which is on the North part of Grand Cayman past Westbay. Once there, we had to do a long swim to make it out to the reef where the waves were crashing. You can see that's it's really far out there:
On the way out to the reef, we encounter.....:a healthy looking stingray who was one the move. Once we got out to the reef, there were a bunch of fish but, the crashing waves were pushing us around and it made it hard to click some clear pictures.Here's a chipper little Squirrel fish.This is a delicious looking Nassau grouper. You can kind of see how the water was swirling around. I wonder what the best way to catch one of these is without a spear-gun?
I thought I'd include this picture of some fire coral. I brushed up against some this day and now I know why they call it 'fire' coral. It really stings as little bits get lodged in you skin. Anyway, watch out for this stuff.
Just before heading back to shore, I spotted this little eel hiding in the coral. It's a goldentail moray eel.
Here's a cool school of surgeon fish. Classic.This Caribbean spiny lobster wants to be left alone.


  1. Spencer,
    Quite a nice dive.
    I don`t know if I could swim out that far, but seeing a Golden Tail would definitely be worth it.
    If you go through my blog archives, you`ll see many more of my fish.
    It`s pleasant to know that I can shoot them from the comfort of my home, but the adventure of a dive is irreplaceable.

  2. Thanks dude! It was a long swim. My feet got all cramped. Some good exercise though!

    What do you mean from the comfort of your home? You got some kind of giant fish tank?