Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snorkeling at Cemetery Beach (Feb 14, 2010)

Cemetery Beach is a pretty cool spot. It's a fairly popular beach on the way to Westbay, Grand Cayman.The graves here are shallow because that is the Caribbean style. Cemetery beach is a designated snorkeling spot so, there are some buoys marking points of underwater interest (reefs).Took this picture at the base of one the buoys. Thought it turned out pretty cool in an artistic kind of way.One cool thing about the Cemetery beach snorkel spot is that there are a bunch of sergeant major fish. The cool thing about sergeant majors is their pugnaciousness. They aren't scared of you and will swim right up to you for a closer look.

These two were real curious!A beautiful girl fish! There were lots of little fish swimming around. I suspect the little ones to be juvenile ring wrasses. Not sure what this fat gray one is called. I couldn't find it in my field guide...I think it might be a dusky sweetlips or a grey snapper?
This fish was really cool. It's fins moved in a unique way. I couldn't get that good of a picture of it because it was really shy and it wouldn't come close. This is a ocean trigger fish.

Pretty good day.

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