Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scuba Diving at Eden Rock (May 23rd, 2010)

Hey y'all!

Finally got some scuba diving done! I chose to go to the easy dive site Eden Rock because I hadn't been diving in a while and neither had my diving-buddy. It's also one of the shallower dives so pressure from the depth would be bearable on my camera.

We were really glade to choose Eden Rock because the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Once we got in the water, we came across a turtle:This turtle was pretty sweet and didn't mind when I got close to snap this picture. He had some funky-looking moss growing on his back so he might have been sick.
This is a video of the turtle swimming away. He got bored of posing for pictures!I like this shot from deep underwater (~40 ft). You certainly do see a lot more fish scuba diving compared to just snorkeling.
This picture is not too great but, it's a really nice fish. This is a blue angelfish.
This trigger fish was pretty cool looking. And it was pretty small. I think it was a juvenile Queen Triggerfish.

Above is the cave we swam through. Swimming through caves is what Eden Rock is known for! Awesome! (the fish at the end of this video is a hogfish)

What a great dive!

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