Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stingray City! (July 1st, 2010)


A group of us took a boat ride to Stingray City. It was awesome. I snuck a few beers along for the ride! When we got there, there was a big mess of boats full of tourists. It was fine though as there were plenty of stingrays to go around!The plan was to check out the stingrays first and then do two more snorkels on our way back to shore (for a total of three snorkels).
Stingray city is a pretty cool place because it's at a sand bar way in the middle of the ocean. I'm not sure why so many stingrays congregate there. My guess is that the tourist company dropped food there over time and trained the wild stingray to 'show-up' in the same place all the time.

It was pretty fun when the stingrays would swim right up and rub against you.
Before we left for the next snorkel site, this trunk fish showed up
Once at the second snorkel site of the Stingray city excursion, we encountered a school of black trigger fish.
Here's a curious school master. (Sorry pal, no food for you)

In this video I'm swimming after a Gray Angel fish.
At the third snorkel spot there were a bunch of sergeant majors.


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