Friday, January 8, 2010

Snorkeling at Seven Mile Beach (Jan 6, 2010)


It was kind of wavy out there today so, the turbidity was pretty high. Therefore, poor vis. Check out the beach. You can kind of see the reef where I was snorkl'n.First day using my new camera and got some alright picts. I'll post the few things I did see even though they are kind of crappy. Just want to get this blog started! Also, I am in no way an ichthyologist so If I named some fish inappropriately, feel free to correct me (leave a comment)

Here we go:
This here fish is a reef needlefish. It kind of looks like a barracuda but it ain't.
Here we have a lobster. It was a big one. Some people say Caribbean lobster don't taste as good as Maine lobsters. I can't really tell the difference, not that I'm an expert lobster taster or anything.This looks like a school of surgeon fish. They were purple. You can see how cloudy it was out there.....

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