Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snorkeling at Seven Mile Beach (Jan 21, 2010)

First day using my new camera. It was pretty murky out there today. I still got some alright shots. Look how murky it was.
This is a silver pompano. Pretty cool. I guess they taste good too.This is a pretty good picture of a blue-headed wrasse.
This isn't that good of a picture but, I really like this fish. It's blue spots are really shiny. It's a juvenile jewel damselfish. I was able to find this fish's name by visiting this forum. This fish hang around fire coral (brush your skin against this coral and you'll understand why it got it's name!).This fish is red. It's called a Glass Eye Squirrelfish. I found this out from a wiki site. It has plenty of fish ID's. Check it out here! Another cool site to ID fish is
This fish is blue. It's called a Blue Tang Surgeonfish.

This copper, hatchet shaped fish is called a glassy sweeper.

Kind of got carried away with all the picture this post. Guess I was excited to have an underwater camera again. I still haven't got the chance to use it in water with good visibility. Also, I have yet to use it while scuba diving. I guess that there's a bunch of shallow dive sites around the Cayman's so I should get to use it soon.

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