Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snorkeling at Seven Mile Beach (Sept. 12th, 2010)

SHARK! SHARK! SHARK! Saw a shark!This is a Nurse shark. It was hiding under some coral. I swam in real close to snap this picture but then it got scared and swam away.
This is the nurse shark swimming away. I was surprised at how fast it took off.
Shark wasn't the only thing seen on this snorkeling adventure. Here's a lovely school of blue tangs.
Here's a baby spotted trunk-fish.
Sharks are cool!


  1. Lucky you! I would love to see a shark (preferably one like this, which I assume is no danger to humans?)
    That first photo of it is a very nice shot.

  2. Hi Gray!

    Thanks for checking out my blog.
    Ya, seeing that shark was definitely cool! When I spotted it, my first move was to take a picture. It wasn't till afterward when I thought to myself, "holy s#$*! That was a shark. It had teeth and could have bit me."

    One day, when I see the kind of dangerous shark, I'm sure it'll be a major rush!