Friday, January 21, 2011

Snorkeling in Westbay (Oct. 2nd, 2010)

This blog post is going to be kind of a different one...Fish Art Gallery: This is what happens when pictures of fish meet digital editing software.
These are some kind of mackerel fish.
Here are more of those mackerel-like fish except they've been crystallized.
Here's a french grunt in front a squirrel fish.
This is a green moray eel.
This is a sting ray. I'm not sure if it was laying eggs or something because as I got close, it seemed to get angry. It arched it's back kind of like a hissing cat. I didn't want to take my chances with this one so, I promptly left her be.
Here's a lobster. No digital trickery here. The unsteady camera ended up giving this shot a cool effect just 'by accident!'
Here we have an artistic contribution by an anonymous guest artist. The piece is called 'puffer'.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Nice blog. Always great to find another snorkel aficionado.

    I have been contemplating about a snorkel at Barker's and doing a search I came upon your blog. Curious as to how you would compare it to some other areas?

    I may check out the reef of the West Bay Public beach by Alfresco's since you seem to have found some nice creatures.

    I mainly snorkel on North Side and East End. You can check out my Cayman snorkel blogs here on Blogspot or on Tumblr.