Sunday, April 25, 2010

Snokeling at Cayman Kai (March 16, 2010)

Cayman Kai is on the North part of the island near Rum Point. It's a public beach. It's pretty shallow there. Most of the action was seen near shore or out a by the reef (which is a good swim from shore).Here's a Flamingo Tongue gastropod. The spots you see aren't actually on the shell. Part of the creature that lives inside the shell (the mantle, which is spotted) is wrapped around the surface of the shell which results in spots.This purple and yellow fish is a juvenile Spanish HogfishThis is a spotted trunkfish. It was swimming pretty good so I'm luck to have snapped this one.This is some type of filefish. I'm not certain of the exact type. Maybe some kind of juvenile because it was pretty small.Here's two Spotfin butterflyfish (See the little black spot?). They were swimming around together. I think they like each other.This Caribbean Spiny Lobster was HUGE! I bet this sucker was about 100 years old! Awesome.Here's a cool shot that includes a giant Caribbean Spiny Lobster, a juvenile French angel, and a blue-headed wrasse. I like this one so much I made it my desktop background on my laptop.

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